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  • : Silver Age Dailies Vol. 2: 1961-1963

Munden's Bar

Hey, GrimJack fans, Munden's Bar has re-opened for business and you won't
believe who's grabbed a stool at the Bar. Mike Baron! Hilary Barta!
Steve Bissette! Brian Bolland! Rick Burchett! Del Close! Phil Foglio!
William Messner-Loebs! Jerry Ordway! John Ostrander! Steve Rude!
Joe Staton! Timothy Truman! Jim Valentino! Rick Veitch! Bob the
Watchlizard! And, of course, ol' GrimJack himself ! 120 pages of four-color
bizarre thrills from the pages of the classic First Comics GrimJack run-
surrounded by an all-new cover by classic underground comics legend Skip