The upcoming animated feature film IGOR will feature the voices of John Cleese, John Cusack, and Steve Buscemi, and this series of all-new, original stories will serve as a lead-in to the movie by introducing you to Igor, Scamper, Brain, and all the other delightfully twisted characters from the land of Malaria. In this debut issue, see how Igor came under the employ of the inept Dr. Glickenstein, much to the loveable hunchbacked assistant's dismay. Then, laugh your way through Igor's first failed evil science fair experiment as he befriends the demented lab rabbit, Scamper. And finally, Carl Cristall, Malaria's top-rated TV talk show host, profiles another famous evil scientist on his program. This can only end in utter chaos. Courtesy of Dara Naraghi (Lifelike) and artist Grant Bond (Clockwork Girl).



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