Joe Hill

Joe Hill's first professional fiction submission was a SPIDER-MAN script, which he sent to Marvel Comics in 1984, at the age of twelve years old. It was turned down, but Joe received a handwritten note from then editor-in-chief Jim Shooter. It was impossible to read. He likes to believe it said, "You rock, kid! This is talent, baby!" Although it is possible the note actually said, "You rot, kid! This is toilet paper!" Twenty years later, Joe Hill sold his first comic script... an eleven-page story for SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED. Shortly after saw the publication of his first novel, the New York Times Bestselling HEART-SHAPED BOX. He is also the author of HORNS and a book of stories, 20th CENTURY GHOSTS. He's won some prizes, most recently the 2011 Eisner Award for Best Writer. Hill and his separated-at-birth twin Gabriel Rodriguez have been working on the award-winning ongoing supernatural saga, LOCKE & KEY, since 2007.

His favorite key is the ghost key.
His favorite novel is TRUE GRIT by Charles Portis.
His favorite movie is JAWS.
His favorite food is pie.
His favorite color is nudity.
His favorite dog is McMurtry.
Here is McMurtry:
McMurtry's favorite time is Christmas time.

Joe collects tea mugs and things with tentacles. You can find him on Twitter under the name joe_hill and read about his doings at his website He will never grow to like writing about himself in the third person.

Gabriel Rodriguez

Gabriel Rodriguez is a supremely gifted Chilean artist and co-creator of the twisted but wonderful world of Locke & Key. The invitation to participate in the fantastic journey of the surviving members of the Locke & Key family, conceived by Joe Hill, has become a dream project made real for Gabriel. He asks that readers unlock their hearts and minds, accept an invitation into new realms and tales, thrilling experiences and secret places that his efforts craft into a vivid universe. In addition to his current work in Locke & Key, Gabriel has collaborated with IDW on Clive Barker's The Great And Secret Show, Beowolf, and George A. Romero's Land of the Dead, as well as several CSI comics.

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