In the LA area? Do not miss this Belladonna Signing!

Wednesday, Mar 3rd, 2010



Tonight at 7pm, attend a meet and greet signing with Belladona's Creator and Writer, Ben Ross, at Golden Apple! Also, get the chance to meet the real comic hero Belladonna herself!



Within Belladonna the tables are turned on the worlds most beautiful—and most vicious—assassin. Gunned down, comatose in a city hospital for months, and with no clue to her identity, she eventually awakens. Fully recovered but with no memory and few clues to her past, she sets out on a dangerous journey to discover who she is—But will she like what she finds? Art for this special one-shot by Fallen Angel’s J.K. Woodward!


Tags belladonna, idw, golden apple, signing, ben rossm j.k. woodward

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