Chris Ryall Talks Kiss Solo: The Demon

Tuesday, Apr 16th, 2013

Hey IDW Fans! When he's not Rock 'n' Roll-ing all night and partying everyday, Chris Ryall is hard at work writing Kiss Solo: The Demon! We've got an exclusive interview with the mind behind bringing The Demon's solo adventure to the page. Read what Ryall has to say about musical influences, The Demon's rage issues, and how he approached the idea of breaking up the band (so to speak) and doing the first solo outing! You wanted the best, you got the best!

This is the first book in the Kiss Solo series, and really the first time we’ve seen the Four-Who-Are-One work separately; what kind of struggles will The Demon have battling evil as a solo act?

I figured since they’ve never really been apart before, I should start out small and ease the character into being in a battle without anyone to watch his back. So in this issue, the Demon goes up against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You know, starting small and all.


As a spirit of vengeance and fury, The Demon is definitely one of the most aggressive out of the four; without the other members will he be able to contain his rage and remain in control over the situation at hand?

In the issue, he’s trying to figure out just what the deal is with humanity, why they’re so important in the scheme of things. So it opens with him trying to be human and understand humanity, and then the Horsemen attack and he has to decide whether they’re even worth fighting for.


How involved are the band members of Kiss in the creative process for their respective solo issues? Is there any precise direction you were given from Gene Simmons in regards to The Demon?

Not direction, really—at this point, having been in business with Gene for the past 5-6 years and with nearly a year of Kiss comics behind us, he trusts us our understanding of the characters now. So he doesn’t suggest anything specific, but we do run every idea and art piece by him since he’s a big comics fan so he enjoys the process. He and Paul see everything every step of the way


The Four-Who-Are-One proved victorious in their previous battle against The Destroyer; will The Destroyer be a prominent villain in these solo stories, or will he take the sidelines in order for new evils to be introduced?

The Destroyer’s the ultimate evil looming in the background, but he doesn’t appear here – instead, he trusts his minions of the apocalypse to do plenty of damage for him.


Were there any specific songs, albums, or past Kiss stories that you used in order to inspire your creative process?

For these solo issues, we wanted to title each story after a song on the four respective solo albums the band did; that was our starting point. This first issue uses the Demon’s “Radioactive” as its basis.


Are these Solo adventures leading to a big cataclysmic battle with evil, or will they be more a self-contained stories?

They’re all self-contained this time; so anyone who might like a certain member can grab that issue and read a full story (hopefully they like all four). We also have four different artists working, so fans will get four very different and cool takes here, starting with Angel Medina in issue one.

One last question, will the books be printed with ink containing phials of blood?

No blood, plenty of sweat and maybe a few tears (of joy)…



Thank you Chris Ryall! Grab your copy of Kiss Solo: The Demon in stores on April 13th. Follow Chris on Twitter @chrisryall and check out his Tumblr at and of course, be sure to check back daily with for exclusive interviews, news, and sneak peeks from all of your favorite IDW books!

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