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Wednesday, Aug 26th, 2009

It's Wedneday! Before heading to your local store, here's a  list of all the great new IDW books!

Transformers: Best of the UK Omnibus cover

Don't miss Transformers, Astro Boy, Doctor Who and  more!

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Astro Boy Movie Adaptation #2 coverAstro Boy Movie Adaptation #2

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Scott Tipton (w) E.J. Su (a & c)

The weekly adaptation of Astro Boy continues here, as Astro Boy starts to come to grips with just who and what he is. Astro Boy Movie Prequel writer Scott Tipton and artist E.J. Su continue to do creator Tezuka proud! On sale August 26.



Doctor Who: Cold-Blooded War

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Doctor Who: Cold-Blooded War cover

Gary Russell (w) Adrian Salmon (a) Salmon, photo (c)

In this standalone tale, the Doctor and Donna attempt to broker a peace plan between two very hierarchical and pompous alien races, the Draconians and Ice Warriors. But their best efforts are derailed by someone who stands to gain from the continued conflict. Written by TV show story editor Gary Russell with art by Adrian Salmon.



Transformers: The Complete Ark coverThe Complete Transformers Ark

Jim Sorenson, William Forster (w) Don Figueroa (c)

Both sold-out volumes of Transformers: The Ark are collected in the must-have compilation of animation models and character designs from the classic G1 era TRANSFORMERS! The perfect companion piece to this month's Animated AllSpark Almanac!



Transformers Best of UK Omnibus Transformers: Best of the UK Omnibus cover

Simon Furman (w) Barry Kitson, Will Simpson, Geoff Senior, Dan Reed, Doug Braithwaite, Lee Sullivan, Bryan Hitch (a) Nick Roche (c)

This collection of classic TRANSFORMERS stories from the UK market delivers massive thrills stretching across both time and space as the heroic AUTOBOTS work to stop the machinations of MEGATRON, GALVATRON, and a heap of other DECEPTICONS that put the futures of Earth, CYBERTRON, and the entire TRANSFORMERS universe in jeopardy. Includes Best of UK: Dinobots, Best of UK: Space Pirates, and Best of UK: Time Wars.



Sparrow: Sergio Toppi cover


Sparrow: Sergio Toppi HC

Sergio Toppi (w & a)

Sergio Toppi is an Italian-born artist whose work debuted with renowned Italian publisher UTET, before moving on to work with advertising campaigns, as well as with the finest European titles. Sparrow is proud to add Toppi to its growing list of celebrated feature artists.







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