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Wednesday, Nov 4th, 2009

IDW's new books are out now! Be sure to check out new issues of Angel, G.I. JOE and the white-hot J. Scott Campbell's Fairy Tale Fantasies wall calendar!

Fairy Tale Fantasies

J. Scott Campbell's Fairy Tale Fantasies 2010 Calendar

J. Scott Campbell (a & c)

Renowned for his gorgeous images of beautiful women, J. Scott Campbell exceeds even his own high standards in the first calendar devoted entirely to his work. Each month will showcase a different lovely lass, from a classic fairy tale or children's book, and will be on it's own 20" x 10" page, suitable for framing. Included will be Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, and more.

FC • 13 pages• $19.99


Angel #27


Brian Lynch (w) • Stephen Mooney (a) • Mooney, Nick Runge (c)

Read the first five pages now!

"Boys and Their Toys," Part 2 of 2: Angel and Spike-who is now convinced he is Angel-are thrown into a new kind of Hell as their battle at the comic convention gets hairy. Well, Furry, at least. Brian Lynch concludes his run on Angel, paving the way for next month's all-new creative team (while Lynch hops over to the upcoming Angel Annual and a new Spike series...)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99





Star Trek: Romulans: Schism #3

ST: Romulans: SchismJohn Byrne (w & a & c)

Read the first five pages now!

When the edges begin to fray, can the center hold for long? The alliance between the Klingons and the Romulans begins to collapse-with the Federation squarely in the middle! John Byrne's Romulan Saga comes to a literally shattering conclusion!

FC · 32 pages · $3.99







Doctor Who Classics: Series 2 #12

Dr. Who: Classics IISteve Parkhouse (w) • Steve Dillon, Mick Austin (a) • Robert Hack (c)

Read the first fives pages now!

IDW's newly recolored reprints of classic Doctor Who tales from years past continues. In this issue, the adventures of the Fifth Doctor continue in the final chapters of "4-Dimensional Vistas" and the first half of "The Moderator" with art by Steve Dillon (Preacher, Punisher). Featuring all-new colors by Charlie Kirchoff.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99









GrimJack: The Manx Cat #4

Grim Jack: Manx CatJohn Ostrander (w) • Timothy Truman (a & c)

Read the first five pages now!

GrimJack's spiritual search for St. John of Knives leads John Gaunt right to the outlaw saint. In the Cynosure of the past, the origin of the Manx Cat is revealed and its powers are unleashed. GrimJack must now battle demons and agents of chaos as well as a greedy Lord Protector... but he isn't going to have to do it alone!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99






Starstruck #3

StarstruckElaine Lee (w) • Michael Wm. Kaluta, Charles Vess (a) • Kaluta (c)

Read the first five pages!

The Baron is backing the March Baptists in their Holy War on Onlolo Dos, but is selling arms to both sides, and Ronnie nearly kills her father with a stampede of pleasure droids and is banished to a cousin's estate on another world as the remastered representation of Michael Kaluta's classic Starstruck continues!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99






Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression #3

Ghostbusters: Displaced AggressionScott Lobdell (w) • Ilias Kyriazis (a) • Kyriazis, Nick Runge (c)

Read the first fives pages now!

Part 3: "Here Today, Egon Tomorrow." When Peter, Ray and Rachel arrive in the near-distant future on a Mars colony where they've located the chronologically displaced Dr. Egon Spengler, they discover the base is under the thumb of an imposing and mostly benevolent dictator-Egon himself! It's Ghostbuster vs. Ghostbuster... with the fate of modern-day Earth in the balance!

FC · 32 pages · $3.99







From the Ashes #6

From the AshesBob Fingerman (w & a & c)

Read the first fives pages now!

In the exciting final chapter Bob gets his Nat Turner on and strategizes a slave revolt to liberate he and his mutant chums from their bondage and Michele from within "The Bunker," while Michele hatches her own plot to escape. 

Color Tones • 32 pages • $3.99








G.I. Joe #11

G.I. JOEChuck Dixon (w) • S L Gallant (a) • Howard Chaykin, Robert Atkins (c)

Read the first five pages now!

The first face-to-face confrontation between a JOE and a COBRA! It's SNAKE EYES vs. an unknown COBRA soldier in an epic fight to the death that neither of them may survive. Also: The JOES learn more of the true nature of the superweapon being built at Section Zero. And what has MAINFRAME learned that may lead to the end of the little town of Springfield? 

FC • 32 pages • $3.99





A Christmas Carol

A Christmas CarolCharles Dickens, Patrice Buendia (w) • Jean-Marc Stalner (a & c)

A Christmas Carol tells the tale of a bitter old miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, and his profound experience of redemption during the course of a Christmas Eve night. During which he learns that if he doesn't change his ways, he will end up walking the Earth forever as an invisible and lonely ghost, like his deceased friend Jacob Marley. This story by Charles Dickens is an established holiday classic.

HC • FC • $14.99 • 64 Pages







Transformers Best of the UK: Prey #4

TF: Best of the UK: PreySimon Furman (w) • Will Simpson, Jeff Anderson (a) • Andrew Griffith (c)

Read the first five pages now!

OPTIMUS PRIME and ULTRA MAGNUS team to take down MEGATRON, but what role does STRAXUS play in this massive confrontation? Continuing the fan-favorite collection of classic tales from across the pond, written by TRANSFORMERS mainstay Simon Furman with an all-new cover by Andrew Griffith!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99





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