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Friday, Nov 27th, 2009

IDW's Holiday ListThe busiest shopping time of the year has come, ladies and gentlemen! But fear not, IDW is here to help and we compiled the perfect shopping list for everyone you know!

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Action and Adventure

For the thrill-seekers who love to live on the edge of their seats, check out the greatest adrenaline-rides in comic books!


Join the peace-keeping force G.I. JOE as they protect the world from the greatest threats to freedom, including the mysterious and sinister COBRA. Discover the beginning of the best of the best in G.I. JOE: Origins and exciting lead-in to this summer's smash-hit film, G.I. JOE: Movie Prequel.








IDW continues the thrilling adventures of Jack Bauer, the unstoppable force behind Los Angeles' Counter-Terrorism Unit. Check out Nightfall, the prequel to the thrilling first season of "24" or 24: The Trade Paperback collecting a variety of the most exciting stories in the "24" franchise.







Next MenJohn Byrne's Next Men

Collecting the original creation of one comic book's most beloved and celebrated creators, John Byrne, Next Men takes an intellectual approach to the world of superheroes as this all-new team struggles to prevail over the looming demise of mankind and their unfathomable past. Next Men, Volume 2, hits shelves December 2nd!

SherlockSherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes tales by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are re-presented in chronological order with all-new full-color illustrations by fan-favorite artist Kelley Jones! Perfect for anyone who loves a good mystery or classic literature.







Video Games

You might have a hard time finding the perfect game this year, but fortunately IDW can bring you the freshest takes on two of the most innovative games of our generation!

Silent Hill

Silent Hill

For anyone who loves a good fright, the stories from the eerie town of Silent Hill bring dark mysteries and inescapable horror to the hauntingly-illustrated pages of this series. Be sure to warn those you're buying for, however. They won't be able to turn out the lights anytime soon.






MGSMetal Gear Solid

In a world of covert-operations, espionage and suspense, it falls upon the legendary soldier, code-named Solid Snake, to prevent the acceleration of nuclear arms and technology and to keep the world from going over the brink into World War III.









Everyone loves to find themselves lost in a world of fantasy and that's something we at IDW excel at. From the edge of belief, these books will thrill the imaginations of every reader.



The world's greatest chance for salvation from the evil Decepticons lays in the hands of Optimus Prime and his Autobots, shape-changing robots from the extinct and distant planet Cybertron. Discover the first appearance at IDW in Infilitration or relive the excitement of the Hollywood block-buster films with the adaptations Transformers and the sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.






Doctor Who

Doctor Who

The phenomenon from the UK has a massive cult-following throughout the world. Follow the immortal Doctor Who as he finds himself pitted against alien races and facing the perils from throughout time itself.






Star TrekStar Trek

Long before the wildly-successful summer film, Star Trek has been thrilling audiences and readers for decades. There isn't a generation that doesn't love the stories from the original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise in books like Mission's End or the popular Star Trek: The Next Generation stories like Intelligence Gathering.






Supernatural and Horror

IDW's roots are in horror and no one does it better than us. The hottest creators, the most talented artists and the most innovative ideas have made our catalog of frights the best in any medium.

30 Days30 Days of Night

IDW's first publication and the basis for the modern-classic film, 30 Days of Night depicts the horrors that follow when a group of ingenious vampires decide to prey upon the small and defenseless town of Barrow in northern Alaska as the sun sets for the last time in thirty days. Make sure to pick up the sequel stories such as Dark Days and Return to Barrow to discover what terrors are still to follow.




Locke and KeyLocke & Key

These Eisner-nominated stories follow a family escaping a tragic murder to a distant home that has its own dangers lurking there. Through every door another piece of dark magic awaits them, as long as you posses the right key! Check out the story that started it all, Welcome to Lovecraft and the sequel that took the horrors to all-new heights, Head Games.






BarkerClive Barker's The Great and Secret Show

The master of horror, Clive Barker, tells a tale of a small California town threatened by the manifestations of their own nightmares as well as an invasion from across the inter-dimensional sea, Quiddity. Don't miss Barker's The Thief of Always, a tale of the House of Holidays that lures children into its timeless depths only to be held captive by the demons who live there.





Starting off after the final episode of the hit-television show's cliffhanger, Angel: After the Fall shows the vampire with a soul battling against what has become a literal Hell on Earth, at least as far as L.A. is concerned. For the show's die-hard fans stories like Not Fade Away and Smile Time retell some of the most memorable moments in the show's run.



Family Classics

For something sentimental, classic or perfect for anyone who is just starting to read comic books, the enduring enduring classics we offer at IDW are the perfect choice.

A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol

The comic book presentation of Charles Dicken's immortal classic, A Christmas Carol, is a gift that will be cherished from the moment it's given and revisited in every holiday season to come.





OzAdventures in Oz

In the marvelous Land of Oz, magic is always around the next corner. Wonder and excitement abound in this five full-color stories by award-winning cartoonist Eric Shanower, collected here for the first time in one volume.

Little Orphan AnnieLittle Orphan Annie

Nearly three thousand daily comics featuring America's Spunkiest Kid have been collected in our trio of volumes detailing the heroism and adventures of the beloved Little Orphan Annie.

Around the WorldAround the World in 80 Days

Jules Verne's classic tale of adventure comes to life in this illustrated hardcover! From railway cars to steamboats, and with a colorful cast of characters,  Around the World in 80 Days is sure to please readers of all ages.



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