Every culture has its own stories of night creatures. What if they're based on fact?

Now, the nightmare creatures are returning. And they are hungry.

V-WARS chronicles the first Vampire War, from the savage murders committed by "patient zero" of the V-Virus plague, to full-out battles with vampire terrorist cells.

Author Jonathan Maberry–New York Times best-seller and multiple Bram Stoker Award winner–gathers these masters of horror to report form the V-WARS trenches: Nancy Holder, Scott Nicholson, Keith DeCandido, Gregory Frost, Yvonne Navarro, James A. Moore, John Everson (and Jonathan Maberry).

The Vampire Wars have begun.

Jonathan Maberry talks V-WARS with PreviewsWORLD

This April, prepare for battle with V-Wars #1 (FEB140326)! When a sniper’s bullet kills the pro-peace Speaker of the House and a terrorist vampire cell takes credit, the Vampire War erupts hotter and bloodier than ever. Join IDW Publishing and New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry as they take readers on a non-stop thrill ride of action, horror and suspense.

Horror lovers -- newcomers as well as those acquainted with the world of V-Wars through the bestselling prose anthology (FEB120398)-- will appreciate Maberry’s fresh, contemporary treatment of a classic horror staple: The vampires people used to believe in weren't charming romantic antiheroes. They were monsters. Each culture had their own legends, and each of these vampires was completely different from the others; and all of them were different from the vampires in pop-culture. We went directly to the source: the myths and legends of vampires around the world and throughout history. Old-school, scary, and complicated.

PREVIEWSworld spoke with author Jonathan Maberry about the February PREVIEWS Gem of the Month from IDW and the Free Comic Book Day book (JAN140040) of the same name available on May 3.

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