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Retailer Exclusive Cover FAQ

What are the standard pricing and minimum print runs for retailer exclusive covers? 

Please get in touch with the IDW sales team for details. 

What comic covers are available for purchase? 

IDW sets the comics we offer for exclusives on a quarterly basis. If you’d like to be added to the e-mail list to be notified when our next exclusive becomes available, please go to this link and enter your information. 

Once I receive an email for an exclusive, how can I apply for one? 

Each exclusive will include a new individual link to an application form. Please fill out all fields in the form by the deadline date included in the email, and we’ll let you know if you approved (or not approved) for the exclusive. Each exclusive will have a new unique application, so please make sure you are filling out the correct one! 

Can I get an exclusive cover on (fill in future comic book release here)? 

For any periodicals outside of the exclusives we set, minimum print runs are at 5,000 copies. Please get in touch with the IDW sales team for details. 

If I apply for a retailer exclusive cover, will I automatically be approved? 

Applications for retailer exclusives are approved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all retailers for every exclusive. 

Can I do an homage cover for my exclusive? 

Sorry, but we no longer allow “Homage covers” of any kind (comics, posters, album covers) unless the homage is within the brand in question (e.g., Transformers can homage previous Transformers cover). 

Can I include my store’s logo on the cover? 

Yes, absolutely! We will need to know the exact placement and size of the logo. Logo files will need to be sent to us and should preferably be an illustrator file (.ai or .eps) or a high-resolution non-flattened photoshop file (.tif or .psd). We can accept .png or .jpg as long as it is at least 5 x % and 300 dpi.

After my exclusive is approved and I’ve submitted my unit quantities, can I change the order quantity? 

After we’ve locked in your exclusive and the invoice or deal memo has been signed and paid, you may not change quantities. 

Can I use (fill in artist name) on my cover? 

Each artist and cover concept will need to be approved by IDW in advance of production. 

Can I have my exclusive shipped directly to my store, or do I have to go through Diamond? 

You must go through Diamond for shipping. 

What is your damage policy? 

Please get in touch with your Diamond rep for assistance with damages for our damage policy.

I have a Diamond account but prefer direct shipping. If I am willing to pay extra for shipping, why can’t you accommodate the request?

We are no longer offering direct shipping for retailer exclusive orders. Our new policies have been worked around processing through Diamond. 

What if I want my exclusive delivered directly to an event or convention instead of my store, can I get direct shipping for that?

We are no longer offering direct shipping for retailer exclusive orders. Our new policies have been worked around processing through Diamond. Please get in touch with your Diamond representative to assure you will receive your order in time for events or conventions. 

I was told that retailers that go through Diamond have copies for possible damages. Why can’t I get replacements for damages for direct shipments?

When placing orders that will be shipped direct, IDW only prints the quantity requested by you, the retailer. Advance payment was required for this reason. We do not buffer print runs ourselves. 

Will IDW supply or recommend artists?

IDW will not provide artist information, nor will we assist in recommending artists. Please have your assigned artist ready at the time of submitting your form.

Can I get Sketch, foil, metal, or other enhancements on covers?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any special enhancements on covers.

Can I request different paper stock?

Yes, you can request a thicker paper stock upgrade (C8 or similar) for an additional $1,500 per cover.

Can I get white or black for the back cover of my exclusive?

We do not offer white or black back covers as an option due to the high damage rate caused by scuffing, smudging, and visible creasing flaws. We will offer grey and other colors if they are requested.