Scott Snyder's Dark Spaces Line Expands with New Talent in Dark Spaces: Good Deeds

Scott Snyder's Dark Spaces Line Expands with New Talent in Dark Spaces: Good Deeds

The First in a New Comic Book Lineup Curated by Dark Spaces Creator Scott Snyder, Good Deeds Features Work by Rising Talents Che Grayson and Kelsey Ramsay

SAN DIEGO, CA (July 21, 2022) – IDW is proud and excited to announce the first project in an upcoming lineup of comic books curated by New York Times best-selling author and Dark Spaces: Wildfire creator Scott Snyder. Debuting in 2023, Dark Spaces: Good Deeds will feature a new story written by Che Grayson (Batman: Urban Legends, Bitch Planet) with art by Kelsey Ramsay (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 40x40)Dark Spaces: Good Deeds is the latest announcement in an upcoming slate of original titles from IDW set to launch throughout 2022 and beyond.

​​Good Deeds tells a haunting story of historical sins and a supernatural legend out for revenge. When teenager Cheyenne Collins and her mother move to St. Augustine, Florida, on the eve of the town’s anniversary, the community begins to die off one by one and a disgraced journalist steps in to seize the story and redeem her career. As the women are drawn together in the investigation, they uncover the town’s violent obsession with its founding mythology and the Fountain of Youth, as well as their own roles in the reckoning to come.


“Like Dark Spaces: Wildfire, Good Deeds is a harrowing, character-driven exploration of the personal, ethical, and material consequences of the choices desperate people make under extreme pressure,” Snyder says. “One of our primary goals with the Dark Spaces line is to champion up-and-coming talent and I’m particularly thrilled to be working with Che Grayson, an explosively talented writer and filmmaker, and the exceptional artist Kelsey Ramsay. I can’t wait for readers to experience what they each bring to this series!”


Good Deeds follows hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed Dark Spaces: Wildfire, a scorching five-part heist written by Snyder, with painstakingly detailed artwork by rising star Hayden Sherman and colors by Ronda Pattison.

“I wanted to tell an elemental and chilling story about the entangled nature of American history and the marginalized groups often erased from the narrative,” says Grayson. “Good Deeds exists at the intersection of revisionism, legend, and truth, and my characters are motivated by a desire to either uncover or hide that truth. I’m so excited to partner with Kelsey on the project, an incredible artist whose evocative line work and character design made her the clear pick to help bring this supernatural thriller to life.”

“Thrillers grounded in reality spook me in the best way,” Ramsay says, “so I was thrilled for the opportunity to become a part of realizing this bleak, enigmatic story. With Che’s incredible voice, infectious energy, and thoughtfulness, it wasn’t difficult to mirror their dazzling creative flourishes in the murky artwork and swampy Southern designs. I’m very excited to be part of this remarkable team, and I can’t wait to share Dark Spaces: Good Deeds!


“The Dark Spaces line was built to shine a light on the industry’s most exciting and talented new writers and artists,” says editor Maggie Howell, “and Good Deeds is a perfect example of the top-tier work that grows out of that goal. Che and Kelsey immediately flourished as a creative team. The story they’re telling together is rich and haunting, and their vision is so cohesive and satisfying that it’s hard to believe they haven’t been lifelong collaborators. It’s been a great experience to watch that unfold, and I know readers will sense it on the page."


Dark Spaces: Good Deeds will begin publishing monthly in 2023. The first issue of Good Deeds will be available with multiple cover variants for retailers and fans to enjoy.


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About the Creators


Che Grayson is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, writer, and TED speaker whose work is heavily inspired by their love of folklore and horror. Che is a 2016 TED resident, a 2017 IFP Marcie Bloom Film Fellow with Sony Picture Classics, and a 2018 Directing Fellow with Ryan Murphy’s Half Initiative. Che has written comics for Image, IDW, and DC. A graduate of New York University’s MFA film program, they wrote and directed the award-winning film Magic Hour, which premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. Che has worked as a writer for Netflix, Blue Sky Studios, and Nickelodeon and currently works at Skydance Animation on an upcoming TV series.


Kelsey Ramsay is a comic artist and illustrator from London, UK. Her work is featured in Joan Jett and the Black Hearts 40x40: Bad Reputation/I Love Rock ’n’ Roll (Z2 Comics), and Fab Breakout Book: Mad World (StoryWorld Media).



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