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Animal Stories

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What separates us from animals? What connects us? Award-winning cartoonists Peter and Maria Hoey probe these mysteries across six surreal and interconnected stories. After tremendous acclaim for their series Coin-Op Comics, two brilliant creators present their first graphic novel: a menagerie of wild tales. Pushing the boundaries of their dazzling and unique narrative style, Animal Stories weaves together six short stories exploring the mysterious relationships between humans and other animals. A girl who keeps pigeons starts receiving messages from a new bird in her flock. A ship’s crew rescues a dog, only to find far stranger things in the sea around them. A reincarnated cat with criminal intentions, a parrot who leads a revolution, and a squirrel who tempts a woman in a beautiful garden glade. Drawing inspiration from Aesop’s Fables, film noir, and the Old Testament, Peter and Maria Hoey apply their singular and sophisticated visual storytelling to create a new set of modern animal tales for modern times. Praise for Maria and Peter Hoey: “Peter and Maria Hoey are among the very best illustrators in comics.” —Rob Clough, High-Low “It’s far too lazy to describe what the Hoeys do as experimental comics. What they’re doing isn’t really experimental at all, it’s far more perceptive than that… rather they’re realizing the full potential of the form and carefully exploiting its unique possibilities.” —Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier
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