Frank Miller's Daredevil Artist's Edition

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Roger Mckenzie
Terry Austin
Josef Rubenstein
Klaus Janson
Frank Miller
Frank Miller helped redefine sequential storytelling in the early 1980s. His style, influenced by Will Eisner’s The Spirit, was new and exciting. One of his earliest issues featured the introduction of Elektra and was the first issue Miller wrote.
This Artist’s Edition features pages from Miller’s earliest beginnings on Daredevil (issues 159, 163, 165), as well as the glory days when Miller began writing the character as well as drawing it, including #168 (the first appearance of the iconic Elektra), as well as his continuing run on issues 169, 171, 172, 174-181 (#181 being the oversized classic "Death of Elektra"), followed by pages from issues 184-191 ( Miller’s final issue). Issues 168 and 181 have many of the most important and compelling sequences in these truly classic and historically important stories. Frank Miller’s Daredevil not only ranks as one of the classic comics of its era, and is a precursor to Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight ReturnsBatman: Year OneRonin, and Sin City.

Additionally, more than 20 covers, including 17 from Miller’s classic Daredevil run, are included in this volume
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