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Trve Kvlt #3 - 2022 Online Exclusive

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Scott Wilson
Liana Kangas
Cover Artist:
Liana Kangas

Part 3 of an EXCLUSIVE 5 Part Connected Cover Series by Liana Kangas!

We’re off the grill and into the fryer with this one, gang. Marty and Alison go deep undercover in the headquarters of the Church of the Immortal Heartbeat, but can their squishy mortal minds stand up to the devilish dilemmas that await them inside?

ALSO, Bernice and Veronika Vargas-Vo go head-to-head, and it’s going to be messier than the back booths after a youth soccer team lunch. You know the kids we’re talking about. It’s secrets, lies, and a side of fries in “Soft Skills and C-Minus Nachos,” from SCOTT BRYAN WILSON (Batman: Gotham Nights, Pennyworth) and LIANA KANGAS (Star Wars Adventures, She Said Destroy).

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